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Negotiation & Notification

Negotiation and Notification

At Williams, we strive to ensure the process of easement acquisition is transparent, clear and simple for all parties involved. We accomplish this by adhering to the following commitments:

Proactive Communication

Williams representatives begin the process by contacting each landowner to request permission to survey and stake the preliminary route for environmental, engineering and construction evaluations. Our goal is for each landowner to understand all of the proposed features of the pipeline, including the alignment, underground depth, pipe size, temporary and permanent width of the easement, and above ground equipment prior to construction. A Construction Stipulation Agreement may be used to specify special requirements, which are mutually agreed upon.

Fair Compensation & Prompt Payment

Williams is committed to dealing fairly with each landowner. This includes compensating them for the use of their property. The valuation of the easement is determined by the market value of land in the area, which is defined by independent sources such as county deed and tax records, local appraisers, real estate brokers and other real estate professionals. Market value is also determined by such factors as length, width, existing use and comparable land sales in the area. Impact to the remaining property may also be considered. All of this information will be shared with the landowner throughout the process.

Williams also compensates for any damages to crops, grazing lands, timber or any structures directly caused by the construction and maintenance of our facilities. The settlement for damages to crops either can be paid in advance, based on records of local yields or can be paid after construction, based on the actual crop losses.

Advance Notice of Construction Activities

Williams’ representatives will advise the landowner and tenant (if present) regarding the timing of construction as far in advance as possible. This allows the landowner or tenant to schedule farming or other activities in order to avoid any potential issues for both parties.

Respect for Ownership

The easement (for right of way) only gives Williams the right to construct, maintain and operate a pipeline or corresponding facility. Use of the land, with certain limitations, can remain the same as before construction. The landowner ultimately retains ownership and use of the land.