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Community Commitment



We recognize the substantial benefits from implementing a comprehensive stakeholder outreach program as part of our project development process. Our goal is to create a respectful, educational, and transparent approach to engaging the community and all of our stakeholders.

That is why Williams is committed to working with communities, property owners and other interested stakeholders to identify and evaluate potential locations that minimize the impact on the community and the environment. Early involvement with communities and public participation help the project team identify and address issues related to design or siting. Furthermore, we are committed to informing and consulting with affected stakeholders throughout the project development process.

In May 2016, following this commitment to transparency, Williams requested that FERC initiate a pre-filing review of the Northeast Supply Enhancement project. This process is intended to solicit early input from citizens, governmental entities and other interested parties to identify and address issues with potential facility locations.

As part of this investment in communities, Williams hosted a series of public open houses in the affected areas during the summer of 2016 to formally introduce the proposal to the public and solicit feedback. We will use this feedback to make applicable modifications to the pipeline’s path, change facility locations, and, ultimately, shape our final project scope. We commit to carry this spirit forward throughout the development of this critical infrastructure project.