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Our Commitment




Williams’ underground pipeline system has been quietly and safely delivering natural gas to communities like yours for many years. You may be more familiar with your local gas utility or local distribution company, which receives its natural gas supplies via connections with interstate pipelines like those operated by Williams.

It is our goal to maintain a good relationship with all of our neighbors, working with them in a fair and responsive manner. Williams takes great pride in the relationship of trust and harmony we’ve developed with the many landowners and communities with whom we co-exist.

As natural gas demand grows, Williams must periodically expand its existing facilities or build new facilities. This may involve replacing a section of existing pipeline or installing new pipe or compressor facilities. For new pipeline construction projects, our goal is to design projects that minimize impacts to people and the environment. Input from landowners, communities and regulatory agencies is critical for pipeline planners to achieve this goal.

In any of these situations, you will meet with a Williams representative who will work with you to make certain our job is performed with the least possible impact to you or the environment. Our land representatives will be available before, during and after the project to discuss any special concerns you may have.